The Sun & The Sea – Can’t Keep Breaking Your Heart [Official Music Video]

     This music video was shot at sunrise at the Chicago lakefront bright and early at 5a.m.  Videographer Kevin Doellman handled all of the shooting and Directing while I was the Editor and GFX Artist for this project.  The editing was done in Final Cut Pro 6 and a lot of the light flares were stock effects.   Click here to visit their Facebook Page or head to their website at


Jet W. Lee – Anticipation High [Official Music Video]

     This music video was shot in Chicago; we had three cameras during production.  Editing was completed using Final Cut Pro 6 and After Effects.  A lot of the shots made use of the ‘Twitch’ third party plug-in in After Effects.  Produced by Ayo Kdoe Productions: Kevin Doellman, Dan Coad, Adam Peterson, Eric Strubinger, and Dan Bayer.  Visit for more Jet W. Lee.


The Palace Flophouse – Hostage Situation [Official Music Video]

     This music video was shot in downtown Champaign, IL and a few shots at Chicago’s lakefront.  We used a lot of film grain and film burn overlays, plus some color enhancement using Magic Bullet Quick Looks.  Visit for more.


The Palace Flophouse – Crash/Burn [Official Music Video]

     We shot this music video in April 2011 and finished editing in June 2011.   The band was recorded at three different gigs in Champaign, Illinois and nature footage of the band member’s was shot later.  This project was edited in Final Cut Pro 6 uses film grain and film burn overlays.  Some shots had moving cloud backgrounds composited into them for better effect.  The title slide was created in After Effects using the stroke and scribble effects.


The Graduate – Siren [Official Music Video]

     This is the Official Music Video for “Siren” by The Graduate from their new album Only Every Time.  They were back on tour in 2010 and we shot three of their gigs, and one of them was at the Metro in Chicago.  The graphics were produced using Motion 3 and the drawings were created in Photoshop.
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The Graduate on Tour

     The Graduate went on tour in Illinois in the fall of 2010.  We shot a few band interviews outside the Metro in Chicago,IL.  The graphics were produced using Motion 3 and After Effects.  Check out or for more!