iPhone 5 Animation in Element 3D – After Effects

     I did some more experimenting with Element 3D for After Effects.  I used a pre-existing iPhone 5 model provided by videocopilot.net.  The main purpose of this project was to use the texture mapping in Element 3D to create a Custom Layer over an object.  In other words, getting actual video to overlay and match the movement of an object layer.  When the iPhone rotates, so does the video layer.  This project was also good for animating a 3D particle emitter and “evolving” the movement of each individual particle.  Plus, I enjoyed this project for creating a 3D room, or replicating a single tile to create a wall or floor.  It’s a great After Effects plug-in, and I highly recommend it!  The footage on the iPhone screen is from the final performance of ‘The Graduate.’  Check out there performance at TheGraduateTube YouTube Channel.

‘Coad’ Cola – Animation Using Element 3D

     Try out ‘Coad Cola!’  It’s new, and it’s delicious!  Just kidding.  I did some experimenting with Element 3D, a plug-in for After Effects.  It’s a 3D Object Based Particle Engine.  It’s good for quick renders of animations, and importing models made in C4D, ProAnimator, Blender, etc.  I recreated the logo on a preexisting ‘ Soda Can’ model in Element.  My primary goal of this project was to develop my animating using Element 3D.  I plan on developing some logo examples soon.  I am still getting used to it.  Enjoy!  Visit videocopilot.net for more information on the plug-in.