Frozen’s “Let It Go” – TV-10 EDITION

Frozen’s “Let It Go” – TV-10 EDITION.  Merry Christmas to all! But an extra special ‘Seasons Greetings’ to TV-10 News! The Television/Broadcast Program at Illinois State University. Enjoy!

Ashleigh & Dan Coad – Wedding Highlights 7/27/14

We got married in the summer of 2014. Here are a few highlights from our special day.

Time-Lapse of the Week: ISU Homecoming

A few time-lapses from 2014 Homecoming at Illinois State University.

Time-Lapse of the Week: Illinois State University

We took a trip to Illinois State University to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of TV-10 News. It was a blast! The view from the hotel was perfect for shooting time-lapses! Most of this video was shot on my GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition. Check out some of these photos from the reunion!

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GoPro: Skiing at Wilmot Mountain

     We went Skiing at Wilmot Mountain in Wilmot, WI.  I brought along my GoPro Hero3: Black Edition helmet camera to see if I could get any good video.  I initially shot this at 2K and then compressed it down to 1080p.  Enjoy!  For more on Wilmot Mountain, visit

A Trip to Illinois State University

     We took a trip to Illinois State University.  It was a blast!  We caught up with our Professors from TV-10 News and took a tour of their new Final Cut edit stations.  It brought back a lot of great memories.  For more on TV-10 News at Illinois State University, visit

Medieval Combat Club at Illinois State University

     It’s Throwback Thursday!  Back in college, I checked out the Medieval Combat Club at Illinois State University.  It was a lot of fun, and a lot of the people we interviewed were really into it.  Lots of foam arrows, shields, swords, spears, etc.  According to the rules, if you get hit in the leg and the arm, you can still hop around on one leg while still fighting…which I thought was a little silly.  Enjoy!  It’s a little embarrassing looking back at it now…but ‘oh well!’

The Palace Flophouse – Hostage Situation [Official Music Video]

     This music video was shot in downtown Champaign, IL and a few shots at Chicago’s lakefront.  We used a lot of film grain and film burn overlays, plus some color enhancement using Magic Bullet Quick Looks.  Visit for more.