C2E2 – Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo 2014

     I went to C2E2 (Chicago Comic & Entertainment) this year in Chicago, and it was a blast.  Way more fun than I expected.  Here are a few highlights from a great weekend.

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Doctor Who – TARDIS Animation in After Effects

     We’re going to see the Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary Special in theaters tonight.  So why not celebrate with a few Doctor Who TARDIS graphics?  I created the initial 3D Model using Blender and brought it into Element 3D to create the scenes.  It’s a great plug-in to use with After Effects.  I got creative and tried out a few different animations using my TARDIS model.   This project took over 15 hours to complete.  A lot of time was spent modeling in Blender.  Below is a compilation of some of the renders.  After using Element 3D for about a year and a half, I’ve been very impressing with what it can do.  Most of the renders on average took about 15 mintues.

For more Doctor Who, click here.

Here are a few images within Blender of the TARDIS in progress:

‘Coad’ Cola – Animation Using Element 3D

     Try out ‘Coad Cola!’  It’s new, and it’s delicious!  Just kidding.  I did some experimenting with Element 3D, a plug-in for After Effects.  It’s a 3D Object Based Particle Engine.  It’s good for quick renders of animations, and importing models made in C4D, ProAnimator, Blender, etc.  I recreated the logo on a preexisting ‘ Soda Can’ model in Element.  My primary goal of this project was to develop my animating using Element 3D.  I plan on developing some logo examples soon.  I am still getting used to it.  Enjoy!  Visit videocopilot.net for more information on the plug-in.