the life of an artist.

The Art of Wanderment

For Grandma,
A Fun-loving, Artistic Soul Who Inspired a Very Lucky Granddaughter


I believe that one of the primary functions of art is to inspire. I also believe that an artist’s work reflects what is truly in his or her heart. My grandma was an artist. And after growing up with her always a 10 second run away, I’d say with extreme certainty that her heart was beautiful. Her artwork certainly was. And her skill on the piano was inspiring. But the truth is, her creative expression went far beyond that. For throughout her life, she defined a new beauty in the art of loving others. She loved her family and friends honestly, unconditionally, and always. And she challenged others to do the same. Like a ripple in a still pond, Grandma’s “art” was an extension of her heart, and many were blessed in the opportunity to be moved…

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Author: dancoad

Creative Services Producer DAN COAD is a Midwestener, hailing from Beach Park, IL originally. He comes to WISN from Scripps WTMJ in the Milwaukee market. At WTMJ., he was involved in a variety of projects, promo and commercial production. Dan has been into TV promos since his days in college at Illinois State. There, he was Creative Services Manager for the school’s TV-10 News…where he learned the importance of marketing. Dan also worked at Gray’s CBS affiliate WIFR.

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