Yellow Submarine – Coad Family Version

     When I was a lot younger, probably in middle school or before, my family and I would create our own home videos together. This is one of them. My brother, Andrew Coad, was the main person behind creating this video, but I helped him out with it a little. We dubbed the music in through a boom-box stereo if you couldn’t tell. Enjoy! The Coad family in 1999 maybe?

Author: dancoad

Creative Services Producer DAN COAD is a Midwestener, hailing from Beach Park, IL originally. He comes to WISN from Scripps WTMJ in the Milwaukee market. At WTMJ., he was involved in a variety of projects, promo and commercial production. Dan has been into TV promos since his days in college at Illinois State. There, he was Creative Services Manager for the school’s TV-10 News…where he learned the importance of marketing. Dan also worked at Gray’s CBS affiliate WIFR.

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